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Ken Layton:
I've found out some interesting patents regarding these home model pinball machines.

The Brunswick/Briarwood machines, Wonder Wizard, Sentinel, and Phillips Electronics machines are using this patent (applies in particular to Brunswick Super Star machine):

Patent # 4,109,916
Title: "Pinball Game with Simultaneous Projectors" (one coil operating two or more devices)
Filed: May 17, 1976 ; Granted: August 29, 1978
Inventors: Jeffrey D. Breslow, Highland Park, ILL. and Eugene Jaworski, Park Ridge, ILL.
Assignee: Marvin Glass & Associates, Chicago, ILL.
Licensed to Brunswick Bowling and Billiards
Application # 687,402
Status is expired.

The Mattel "Las Vegas" pinball uses this patent:

Patent # 4,162,793
Title: "Game Scoring System"
Filed: March 27, 1978 ; Granted: July 31, 1979
Inventor: Gary J. Cummings, Torrance, Calif.
Assignee: Mattel, Inc., Hawthorne, Calif.
Application # 890,143
Status is expired.

Patent # 4,203,602
Ball used as the switch.

The Wico "Big Top" pinball uses this patent:

Patent # 4,438,930
Title: "Rollover Switch Apparatus"
Filed: August 28, 1981 ; Granted: March 27, 1984
Inventor: Albin Peters, Chicago, ILL.
Assignee: Wico Corp., Niles, ILL.
Application # 297,117
Status is expired.

Ken Layton:
Manuals, schematics, and some parts are available for the Fischer Skyhawk home pinball machine from John Robertson of John's Jukes in Canada ( ). Marco Specialties sells just the owner's/assembly manual for it.

There is a little information and a manual posted on the Mattel "Las Vegas" home pinball at this site:

Ken Layton:
Marco Specialties now stocks some of the Brunswick and Briarwood coils and manuals.

Ken Layton:
I've found a youtube video of the underside of the playfield of a Wonder Wizard CB Charlie machine:

Ken Layton:
A picture (not mine) I found of the 702603 solenoid driver board for the Wonder Wizard/Sentinel machines. The larger transistors are the solenoid drivers which are type 2N6099 (might be house marked "RCA 393" ). The smaller transistors are 2N4401 (might be house marked "1482" ). Notice at the far left of the board there are empty places for an additional driver transistor and an additional pre-driver transistor. It would appear that the designers had thought about having a sixth coil on the playfield.


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