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Ken Layton:
Other manufacturers made home pinball machines over the years. It was not just Bally making them. Brunswick (the bowling/billiards people) also was very prolific in 1977 to 1980 making home model pinballs (sometimes under their Briarwood name).

Brunswick's Circus, Cosmic Pinball, Demolition Classic, Rodeo, Skate King, and Super Star were all the same machine but with different artwork. This schematic should apply:

They used 24 volt DC coils and most assemblies were classic Stern ones like the flipper units. Brunswick also made the Alive and Aspen machines which were improvements over their earlier machines.

Wico Corporation (the big amusement/vending industry parts supplier now sadly out of business) made a home model called "Big Top" which also used 24 volt DC coils and Stern flipper assemblies.

The Fischer "Skyhawk" and Mattel Electronics "Las Vegas" home pinballs are ones I have heard of, but never got to see any internal pictures of.

The Wonder Wizard/Sentinel/Philips Electronics home models were CB Charlie, Demolition Derby, Flying Aces, and Star Explorer. From what I've heard, all of these machines were manufactured in a Magnavox television plant in Tennessee in 1977.

The Henry W.T. Mali & Company made "Diamond Jim", "Wheeler Dealer", "Big Rig", "Snow Bird", and "Space Galaxy" all in 1977. They all appear to have the same playfield as the early Brunswick/Briarwood machines.

The newest home pinball machine is the Chicago Gaming "Vacation America" made in 2004 and is actually a decent machine from what I hear.

Costco Batman "home" version.
Maybe debatable as home-only since it has a coin mech, but Stern boobytrapped it for op use. It comes defaulted to free play and even if that is turned off, you get 5 credits per coin.

(edited post to better reflect how Ken is documenting)

Ken Layton:
Here's a video of underneath the playfield of a Brunswick/Briarwood "Rodeo" home pinball machine:

This video shows the machine in general and the game play.

Ken Layton:
I made an improved version of the Skate King schematic.

Ken Layton:
I've now done a switch matrix chart for Brunswick "Alive".


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