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I "finished" (95 %) the rotation setup for my cab, but I can't make it work with Mala.
I have the secretmotordriver + solarbotics GM3 + limit switch for H and V position.

If I test the setup with Mrotate3 utility (mrsetup) all works fine: 13 = H switch, 12 = V switch, 2 for turning H, 3 for turning V, enable set to 5. In the Test Panel I trigger Run to Vertical -> monitor rotate -> limit switch ON -> monitor stop, if I trigger Run for Horizontal -> monitor rotate -> limit switch ON -> monitor stop. In the meantime I check pportreader and the right number is lighting up, 2 + 5 or 3 + 5 for INPUT when the monitor is running and 13 or 12 for OUTPUT when the limit switch is made.

Then I put Startcom in Mala plugin directory and I run the setup (set path, CCW for rotation). If I run any game (vertical or horizontal) the monitor rotate vertical and the game is not rotate. When I quit the game the monitor is still vertical and Mala layout is horizontal.

So, which options in Mame or Mala i have to set?


try changing either autoror or autorol from 0 to 1 in mame.ini.  There could also be issues on the mala/startcom side but you need DaOldMan for that, I'm not up on the parallel port side of that. 

DaOld Man:
I think TopJimmyCooks has the right idea.

Here are the settings I use to turn CCW..
First pic is the mame.ini, set autoror to 1 (make sure the rest to do with rotate are set to 0)
Second pic, in Mala Options/mame config/options, check the rotate mala with mame.
In the startcom plugin configure, you can play around with rotate mala before or after the game, to see what works best for you.
Hope this helps.

DaOld Man:
I was thinking a bit and it might be best to uncheck the "Rotate Mala with mame" option in mala/options/mame config/options.

I forgot that startcom does this based on if you select rotate mala before or after game ends, and this could create some problems, if you have it set one way in the mala options and the other way in startcom, so it may be best to just let startcom handle it.

Thanks for the reply  ;)

Allright, I rechecked all, and the problem was mame.ini file: mameui generates the mame.ini file in the ini subfolder, Mala want a ini file with the exact name of mame exe in mame root folder, so i renamed mameui.exe in mame.exe and set the ini folder to be the root folder, in this way Mala could read the correct parameters from the file (autoror option).
Then I switched Command parameters in Startcom, switch horizontal 90, switch vertical 0, maybe I accidentally inverted some wire in my configuration...
Now all works properly!
Now I have to decide what to do when I quit Mala with a vertical rotation done: if I esc to Windows I could rotate (with mrSetup) the monitor back to horizontal, but if I relaunch Mala the Menu is rotated vertical...



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