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Raspberry Pi = New Gen of Small Cabs?

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--- Quote from: Turnarcades on February 07, 2012, 10:51:00 pm ---Meh... The Pi has a become a shadow of its former premise, being more expensive than expected, in need of a lot more work than expected (no ports attached by default) and way bigger than the pound-coin sized unit that got everyone's attention. For the expected price vs performance, you'd be better off with a NanoITX PC with x86 architecture rather than wait around for a decent ARM port.

--- End quote ---

Depends on what you are thinking of doing with it.  The RasPi will be able to run a debian and the puppy linux guys are already looking to make it work with their distribution, especially Puppy Arcade, so there will be some momentum in the long run.  I think this little device and its little sister (Model A) will satisfy the initial purpose of the device(s), which is allow school children access to a powerful platform at the fraction of the cost.

What will be a small annoying problem with this scenario is the availability of HDMI displays.  If Lilliput brought out a cheap LCD HDMI to compliment the RasPi then we could see some interesting projects.  Yes the Rasp does not need a display as you can telnet to it via your phone, and that probably would be a possible workaround.

I'll be using it as a permanent server, with a solar panel to keep the little guy running.  I think the Model A will see a huge interest, and several companies selling cases, docks, and displays.

Interesting times eh?

It does support HDMI->VGA, and you can also connect to DVI. If you want small cabs, you are probably looking at LCD too.

When they ARE available, I plan to buy one just to play with.

You can order them now, fyi.

Hell, it wasn't even a pre-order sign up this time, but an "intent to purchase" mailing list.


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