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Raspberry Pi = New Gen of Small Cabs?

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The iTea Guy:
I have been following these guys for a while now and i reckon that the Raspberry Pi Computer might just be perfect to put into super small cabs or even normal cabs given its small size and efficiency, the only concern i have is software support for the likes of MAME and the rest? i would love to here your opinions or problems with this.


It has been discussed here:

I am curious to see what can be done with this.  I really think I want to get one - even if I can't get MAME running satisfactorily on this, I have probably a dozen other potential uses for this.  

The iTea Guy:
huh, weird i did a search and that one did not turn up.

BTW do we know if groovy MAME Linux uses any X86 Processes?

Meh... The Pi has a become a shadow of its former premise, being more expensive than expected, in need of a lot more work than expected (no ports attached by default) and way bigger than the pound-coin sized unit that got everyone's attention. For the expected price vs performance, you'd be better off with a NanoITX PC with x86 architecture rather than wait around for a decent ARM port.


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