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Two New RetroBlast Reviews

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Two new RetroBlast reviews this week:

The Omnicade Arcade System is a self-booting, autoconfiguring installation CD for MAME systems. It has big aspirations, but can it deliver?

The SlikStik Classic - I've previously reviewed the Classic unit used in my MAMEframe cab, this time I'm reviewing the unit that will go into the MAMEframe II. Does another year make any difference in the quality of this unit?

Both reviews can be found at:

Another tidbit: I'm scheduled to receive shipment of my SlikStik cabinet tomorrow afternoon. I'll be posting my first impressions shortly after I get it. It's been a long wait, and I hope it's been worth it!


Interesting that you had trouble with omnicade - I just dl'd it the other day and have been meaning to give it a go when I get a sec. I'll see what happens!

Also, your slikstik review mentions the user manual is available for download from your files section but it doesn't appear to be there??  I'd be interested in seeing what goes into a 50-page controller manual ;)

Man, he better have given you a free Slikstick for writing a 50 page manual.


I forgot to upload the manual (my bad). It's now up at:


Nope, no free SlikStik unit. They paid cash (standard work for hire contract, I'm a freelance writer  ;))


The omnicade fellas really didn't care for the review O_O

--- Quote ---All Omnicade developments are suspended since I have seen some libels and slanders on this website [links to retroblast review].
--- End quote ---


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