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PC versions or Emulated Versions?


I'm going to start designing a new sit-down driving/flight sim cab.

I was originally going to use it for MAME racing games and flight sim style games like Afterburner or GLoC.

I was also going to give the Supermodel emu a try with Star Wars Trilogy.  But I actually have PC versions of Rogue Squadron and Pod Racer....I'm wondering if those might be more fun and more playable.

Any thoughts?

Is there any reason you cant have both?

How well does the Supermodel Emu work?  It looked like from the website that most of the games have issues.  I'd really like to have the Star Wars Trilogy on my cab.

I tried it for the first time on my cab last night. Works great. I am running:

i5 2nd gen
4 gig ram
Arcade VGA
WinXP 32 bit

The only issues I am having is the U360 that I am using for some reason is too fast and it is difficult to feather the targeting rectile on the target! It shoots over to the edges of the screen!

Works pretty well on the two year old laptop I put it on.

I was seeing fps rates of 25-29.  Not terrible, but the game feels slow.

And yeah, I'll probably try to load the old Pod Racer and Rogue Squadron PC versions as well.

Guess I better get busy on the sit down cab now!


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