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Has anyone here been following the progress of Raspberry Pi?
I know I have!
Off on a side tangent, what implications could this have for the Arcade community.
(Not a question, but an invite for discussion.)


Not sure what implications it could have. At $25 it certainly has my attention. Initially, I thought this would of little value except as a closed box unit whose expandibility is limited to USB, but I noticed the row of GPIO lined up there.  The GPIO coupled with the video O and USB, this unit alone would cut the electronics cost of at least two of my projects by a few hundred dollars, minimum.

To put it another way, I don't see many applications with MAME but let's say you have a (not virtual) pinball project. This could be the entire core logic minus the monitor (as the scoreboard) and the high voltage drivers. For $25?! This is just begging the community to snatch it up.

Very cool project. This is going to be awesome!

They've had demo units running ported versions of games like Quake 3 at 1080p, so it's capable of a reasonable level of 3D graphics as well.

I'd love to see something like Android ported to this configuration, aimed at more capable "Smart TV" like scenarios.

You mention pinball though... How about some crazy homebrew smashup with a nice heavy bit of lexan over a TV screen with a regular playfield on top of it for an augmented reality type setup?
Obviously you couldn't have 'drops' into the board, but I could see passage ways on the sides of the playfield that let your ball roll into the virtual space below.

I want Model A for XBMC.  I'm hoping it will get power from HDMI. Or will it plug into the back of a LG TV USB port?  Me thinks it will.  ;D


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