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Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel with MAME?


I'm thinking of getting the "Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel" to use with MAME.

Has anyone used this or a similar motion sensing wheel with MAME?  I don't play driving games much on my cabinet.

Adapter I'd buy:


It's no good.  I'm glad Amazon has a good return policy.

There are 2 problems:

1.) It's just not good for steering the driving games I tried (Pole Position and Cruis'n USA).  I'd much rather use my trackball than this.
2.) Unless you only have 1 joystick device on your system, the XBox 360 wireless devices are not a good idea.  The problem is that whenever they go into standby (after about 15 minutes of inactivity), they are no longer seen by the system.  Then any joysticks with higher IDs are no longer mapped correctly in MAME (for me, this is at least my 2 lightguns which have the buttons mapped as joystick buttons).

I also bought a wireless XBox gamepad, and I did think the analog thumb pad was pretty good for steering at least in Cruis'n USA (not as good as a real wheel of course, but it was fun).  I don't think I got it configured well for Pole Position, but maybe with more time.

I'm returning all this stuff now, and I'll probably try a wired XBox 360 gamepad.

I can not imagine how anyone could play Pole Position with that thing. There are games you just need a 360 degree wheel.

The standby problem AFAIK is only "fixable" by leaving it plugged in to the console (play and charge).

Yeah, even with the analog stick mapped to mouse control it's no good for Pole Position.  I think I'll just stick to using the trackball for the few times I play that, at least for now.


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