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Ken Layton:

--- Quote from: chopperthedog on December 26, 2015, 07:44:05 pm ---Great thread Ken. Figured I'd add to it for future use purposes.

I picked up this Fireball earlier this week that was pretty damn cheap and SUPER clean but didn't work. 5v and 12v were dead and R101 position in the 22v section of the power supply was charred like a mofo. After reading this thread I ended up wiring in a switcher to handle the 5v & 12v and rebuilt the 22v section with new transistor, caps, diodes and resistor. Once all that was done, the damn thing fired right up and the ball was ejected.

All was well except the pop bumpers were awful. Left one worked 85% of the time an right one worked 15% of the time which was determined to have a bad micro switch. The problem with the set up is the spoon switches are mounted to a big pcb under the play field and conventional pop/spoon leafs would not have worked without major modification.

Stock pcb mounted switch.

Got the idea in my head to use a couple williams leaf switches from a defender panel I had kickin around. Cut the spoon portion off the arm of the micro switch and soldered it to the switch that I had bent.

Switches installed.

PCB back in place with switch wires soldered right to board.

Game is actually pretty fun when you have pop bumpers that work 100% of the time.

good day.

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A good substitute would be either of these complete assemblies:


--- Quote from: Ken Layton on November 21, 2016, 05:58:17 pm ---A good substitute would be either of these complete assemblies:

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Those would work, but with major modification to the pcb (cutting notches and adding jumpers). There is not enough clearance to get a conventional spoon switch in there, which is why I went with a williams leaf with the crazy bend so I didn't have to hack up anything. If you look at the pic in my Evel Knievel home model thread you can see bally rotated the pop assemblies a complete 180 so that standard spoon switches could be used.

good day.

Ken Layton:
Looks like a guy could get a nibbler going to the right in that picture and cut away part of the board unless there were traces on the top of the board there.


--- Quote from: Ken Layton on December 30, 2011, 01:32:42 pm ---I've just added a ton of information and photos to the Bally home model pinball page at pinwiki if anyone is interested.

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On that wiki page, there's mention of adding fuses on the primary and secondary ac power circuits for the series 2 machines; what would be a good amperage for those fuses?  Or what would be a good way to go about determining it?

Ken Layton:
I would say to try a 1 amp slo-blo fuse for the AC primary side of the power transformer and a 2.5 amp slo-blo fuse for the 18 volt feature lamps/logic supply (red wires) of the transformer.


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