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Bally home pinball model service information

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Ken Layton:
I added some more to it last night.

I've now edited the information and pictures for a neater layout and look.

Ken Layton:
Well it looks like someone has developed a modern replacement game board that works in both Series 1 and Series 2 home machines. They have posted a youtube video of this new board:

Pinball Wizard:
Thanks for the info Ken, my MPU is dead and (pending price) I finally have a solution other than hanging the backbox on the wall.

Ken Layton:
I wish there were more information about this new board. There needs to be a website for it with pictures of the board, information, pricing, etc.

If it were priced at $200 or so like an Altek board, my friend who has a Captain Fantastic home pinball machine with a dead CPU board would buy one.

EDIT: I found out some more information on it. The board is called the "Pinball Mind". Here is a link to it:

what i did not see was pricing
on either of the board's and or the sdk s/w ?



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