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Bally home pinball model service information

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Ken Layton:
I've just added a ton of information and photos to the Bally home model pinball page at pinwiki if anyone is interested.

Thanks for doing that.  I don't have a home model Bally but I still appreciate your knowledge being shared. 

Pinball Wizard:
Ken, I just saw all of that and wow! Thanks!

Ken Layton:
I had taken a bunch of pictures of the Captain Fantastic home model I worked on during the summer. I was finally able to get some advice on how to post them to a wiki format.

BTW, I added some info and pictures to the Atari pinball wiki too. Worked on an Atari Superman last summer and took pictures of it.

That is so cool man! Those pics are really sweet for me personally. I'm 100% visual, thanks again!


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