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Author Topic: New DWJ skin from LHUPATECH: LHUPA Scanlog II 24 Juke Katalog EZP  (Read 10449 times)

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There is a new (2nd) skin from LHUPATECH called "EZ Playing" (EZP) (and the third one to be "no credits" since the first skin ever made for DW Jukebox!) that has the feature as the precedent one
"LHUPA Scanlog II 40 Juke Katalog EZP" to be easy to use and no credit needed to play!

The "Coin-Op" version of that skin i-e LHUPA Scanlog II 24 Juke Katalog (LHSCII24JK) should be available soon after some last settings!...


 - Wide screen
 - Dot Matrix style display (That suits the DW Jukebox displays!)
 - EZ Playing features no credit (coins) needed, easy to use with large displays and selecting panel!
 - Truly SIMPLE!: Uses only the most used functions as numeric selecting, radio,
   page navigator (previous, next page buttons), CMGP/POP (Coming Up/Popularity) and
   pause ("P" button)!
 - Uses quiet (quiet click touch button sound) realistic "Touch Tone phone" type selecting keyboard buttons
   and large title strips for clarity and easy reading!
 - Only .bmp (Bitmap) imaging used instead regular LHUPATECH's .png imaging for the most
   reliable wide screen image quality experience!
 - Built on the Seeburg earlier 70's first "logic" jukebox"Apollo" (LS-3) principle for
   its attracting futuristic design!


The present skin is the "EZ playing" (no credit needed) version made from the first "coin-op" (called
"Lotus In Space" at the era for its purple/blue themed background) computer jukebox template family
in the PDF format by LHUPATECH ("LHUPA" at the era) in 2003 called "Scanlog" that stands for "Scan
Logic For Multimedia" (Here, in the model name "LHUPA Scanlog II 24", the number "24" stands for 24
selections per page on that DW Jukebox skin.). So, the first PDFJS jukeboxes were in a book principle
structure as a regular PDF book within embedded multimedia (audio-video) content (a new Adobe feature
for PDF documents for the era in 2003!) and this type of interactive multimedia PDF documents was called
"Juke Katalog" for its analogy to a product catalog except in that case, it was music or video (embedded
.mp3 music or .mpeg video) built-in the interactive PDF document in a regular book principle. The music
or video was embedded in clickable multimedia fields placed at a specific erea on the pages of the PDF
document as a jukebox selecting panel or "index". The clickable music or video was on the title
number i-e "A 1" or "101" towards the titles of the title strip. The original PDF
jukebox model (The background of the present DW Jukebox skin) was "LHUPA Scanlog II
140 Juke Katalog" or model number "LWB 140 PCP" a 140 selection PDF jukebox built in
a six page catalog type PDF document. The Scanlog family has been built until 2007 with the
third generation of the family i-e "Scanlog III" also used on the DW Jukebox!
Despite the new PDFJS jukeboxes are more complex with new features as "Automatic Selector
Music Loading System" (ASMLS) and the cluster mechanism (a virtual jukebox mechanism), the
"Juke Katalog" remains an interesting type of PDF jukebox and will be built again as possible!
The term "Juke Katalog" has been kept for the authenticity of the model! That's the third DW
Jukebox wide screen skin by LHUPATECH!... Enjoy!


You should notice the earlier 70's Seeburg jukebox inspiration in that model family! About twelve models
of PDF jukeboxes in the "Juke Katalog" series are inspired of 1970's Seeburg jukeboxes especially
the Seeburg Apollo (Ls-3), Bandshell (USC-1), Fire Star (USC-2), Olympian (SPS-160),
Matador (SPS-2), Regency (FC-1), Hutch (Fc-2), and other "centered logic Touch Tone telephone keyboard"
jukebox models made by Seeburg in the earlier 70's. You should also notice that the present skin is inspired from the
Seeburg Apollo (LS-3) jukebox with its characteristic first for the era in earlier 70's "logic touch tone phone" selecting
keyboard! Other models more closer to the Apollo (LS-3) should be available soon!


So, all the sound effects were built according to the sounds of such modern "chariot" mechanism
jukeboxes! But, instead of regular sounded selecting buttons, the "LHUPA Scanlog II 24 Juke Katalog EZP"
skin features quiet touch button sound effect except a beep sound on the invalid button selecting alarm. The
mechanism scan and record play sound effect features a "clean-cut" with no "scratches" record begining
with a clear "pop" as the tone arm touches the surface of a "brand new" record! LHUPATECH hopes that you'll love it!


Wurly Numeric skin by HoundDog63 - April 12, 2008 (Made especially for wide screens)
So, LHUPATECH works only on HoundDog63's DW Jukebox skin templates for his 16-9 screen DW Jukebox
skin projects for the precision image of these templates! Until june 2010, LHUPATECH has built
only 4-3 screen skins whatever for PDFJS or DW Jukebox because LHUPATECH hasen't wide screen
monitors to work on wide screen skin projects


Special thanks to HoundDog63 for the bright idea to build 16-9 (wide screen) skins for DW Jukebox! Either,
LHUPATECH (Me), would like to thank him for the use of his wide screen DW Jukebox skin templates in my wide screen projects!
Special thanks to Ray Larabie (Ray Larabie Fonts) for the redistributable free .ttf font so called
"FakeReceipt": a particular "dot matrix" font that matches perfectly any LHUPATECH's DW Jukebox skin
do be redistributed all over the internet troughout the official dwjukebox website or other dedicated
websites as BYOAC.This will avoid any possible copyright concerns about fonts in that skin!

I hope you'll like it!

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