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Recovering/Purchasing Registration codes for Maximus Arcade


Hello all,

Unfortunately, Mameseer has stopped support on the project.  (As far as we can all tell).  Quite a while ago he stopped responding to any e-mails at  I was a moderator of the forums and one day the forums were "locked" and I have not been able to contact him since.  However, he did mention a couple of months before it happened that he was dealing with "personal family issues".

So to make a long story short.  I gave up trying to contact him after multiple attempts.  I was only a moderator of the forums so I do not have access to any registration generation.  I only notified him when someone needed it.  But since I can't contact him any more... Well you know the rest.

However, some people have had success contacting him on  His real name is Lance Endres so you can look him up that way.  Chances are slim that he'll respond but it's worth a shot. 

P.S. - People have purchased the $25 code and it's hit or miss as to if they receive it or not.  It may be worth a gamble but it's up to you.  Others have purchased it, received nothing and then successfully contacted him via LinkedIn to receive the code.

Update:  Apparently the XGaming team has purchased the rights to sell the software. Read more about it here:

Hope this helps and good luck!



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