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Is it worth it to build driving controlls from arcade parts or just buy PC ones?


Like the title says I am thinking of building driving arcade controls for my cab, but I am not sure which route to go. :dunno

I see alot of PC setups and I wonder if they will work for MAME ???

Yet, I want a sturdy set up, so, should I buy some used arcade parts and go that way?

Generic Eric:
Badmouth's thread is your best bet Arcade Driving Cab / Steering Wheel / Racing / Information - last update 7/15/11

Your first point of order is to determine if you want to play mame games or run a console like an xbox 360

If you want to play mame games, you need to determine if they will play on your PC.  If not, upgrade as necessary.  Then you can get your controls set up. 

Hope that helps.  Good luck!

thanks Genaric Eric,

Looks like I will go the xbox route

The arcade controls are built a lot better and are made for cabinets. So if I were to incorporated these controls I'd use one of the Pole Position control panels I have laying around. (I have the actual arcade games I play that have driving or flying controls, so I wouldn't need to do this myself).

Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.


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