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Inject a custom resolution? winXP



Just wandering if there are a way to inject a new custom resolution (eg: expert mode or something else) into the registry.


Mastersystem.. with meka or kegafusion... arcadeosd gives me correct aspect ratio under 256*224 but SMS (50,60 hz) doesn't display correctly.

kega gives me black border left/right
meka small band up and down.

i try to seach, and resolution will be 256*192... i know that it 's not a problem if game ran in 256*224, but i wonder if i can manually inject this?

I test one thing before, just using Vmmaker+ usermodes soft 15khz.txt, create ini takes time, so i copy usermode.txt into modeline.txt during the ini'creation :).

Think it doesn't work ^^

it's just a question :)



- ReslList.txt: Add here any resolution you want to be calculated and added to the registry.
- mame.xml: Parsed if the ListFromXML option is enabled


- Modeline.txt: List of modelines created
- ModeList.txt: List of each input resolution with its corresponding output video mode
- DropList.txt: List of video modes that needed to be dropped by the algorithm that trims the mode list
- MameList.txt: List of Mame games with their native resolution
- IniList.txt: List of Mame games with their assigned video mode, in case GenerateInis option is enabled

As for the Master System issue, if you use Kega Fusion, set up expert options like this:


Make sure that 256x240@60 is available in your system!

Always use the NTSC versions of each game, so they run at 60Hz. According to the documentation that line should also alow PAL games to run fine if 256x240@50 video mode is available, however it always seems to pick the 60Hz mode in my system.

Thx calamity :)

i solved the problem to force gfx=0, perfect then, but thx for resume option ini Vmmmaker !

i will try


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