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Groovy + custom ATI drivers + Hyperspin

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Has anyone successfully been able to use groovymame and the custom ATI drivers with Hyperspin?  When I launch HS, it just quietly dies with no error message or log file. Apparently there is a bug in Flash in which it crashes if too many resolutions are defined in Windows.  Just curious if this is happening for everyone?

this is a known bug. reduce your number of mode lines to around 90-100.


Edit Vmmaker.ini ; the number of modelines is store here.

Decrease to 90 reboot... and try.. it works?? ok well vmmaker.ini increase to 100 :) and reboot.. :) etc etc


I'm testing a workaround for that bug, it's a new method that drastically reduces the number of video modes needed to run groovymame. I'll have it ready within some days hopefully.

is this difference from what I've already beta'd?


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