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Hey everyone, im going to be offering my graphic design services. I've been into mame for about 7 years. I've have been doing professional design for over 10 years, My cabinets are showcase in my footer. I have alot of experience with print. I want every single cabinet i work on to look good so if your a client of mine i will consult with colors scheme, trim, cabinet color.

If you have any questions i can be contacted at

My personal cabinets;all

I have some new product for sale this is all custom work

Lets keep my thread clean with serious requests.
Thanks in advanced

He is serious.

Green Giant:
If you can do artwork like he is describing, I am sure many more will come to your for work.

Well Fed Games:
Dig deep enough on DeviantArt, I am sure it exists somewhere... unfortunately. I tried to make Ms. Pac Man less sexy than before (if you can view the original marquee that way) for my project.

Hope you get some design work gbeef! Always good to have more artists around!  :cheers:


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