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i'm french so excuse my english but, groovymame is able to fit my current monitor display prefectly?

i've tried it with crt drivers 6.2 on xp 32 bits, edit vmmaker with "generic" and get a great display on various games (pretty good with vertical games  :laugh:) but i've a lot of black left and right border with some modelines.

i need to calibrate with arcadeOSD?

What is the good resolution to begin for adjust all other? (320*240 ?)

someone can explain me?

i've a vns 110/90 without any clue about front porch just this:

Perhaps i need a custom monitor_specs with this value?


ArcadeVga + crt 6.2

any documentation in english for option (eg: -verbose)? i read without understand all you say (so technical!)

thx !

Hi caskad,

You may want to use the "CUSTOM" type in VMMaker.ini and then edit the monitor_specs line.

However, for your case better leave the VMMaker.ini as it is and directly edit groovymame's mame.ini with a line like this:

monitor_specs0            15625.00-16200.00,50.00-62.00,2.000,4.700,8.000,0.064,0.160,1.056,0,0,288.0,448

(modify the default "auto" value for monitor_specs0)

The values in black represent the front and back porches (right and left margins).

If you're getting big side borders, decrease this values a little bit and see what happens. I'd start with 1.5 and 7.5, for instance.

Thx calamity,

will try that and post after :)


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