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Maximus Arcade Tutorial : A Set-Up Guide For Beginners ( Video )


The Lumberjackass:
Hi everyone.
I've been meaning to make this video for the past few months, but things got in the way.
Thankfully, I found the time to finish it and here it is. The video should be a huge help to beginners and newcomers alike.
So hopefully, it'll get a few arcade / mame cabs up and running alot faster  :afro:

Another nice video, well done  :cheers:

Only thing I would like to mention, isn't it better to run the preferences from within Maximus (ctrl+p or right mouse click/preferences) as the standalone preferences.exe is known to have issues.

The Lumberjackass:
yep, your correct jimmy, but for a beginner trying to set up their cab, i decided to keep it as simple as possible and left it out.
the second reason, is, i completely forgot about it, lol :)

The Lumberjackass:
cheers nicky, i did the best i could with it :)


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