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PVC is easier to work with, but its not very pretty, and it cost like 3x as much as
typical woodworking.

From looking at the picture, I think a single sheet of plywood would have covered
the entire project.  At maybe $20 for cabinet grade quality wood, thats about 1/3rd
the cost of all the PVC... And, it would end up looking better.

 Of course, it would be heavier, maybe need paint, and take a lot more effort, time, and tools, to build.

 I suppose if one found a way to make cheaper joint connections, it might be a little more
cost effective. (though probably not as strong)

I dunno, i guess it seems a little over-engineered for something that doesn't excel in the looks or portability dept. Put some skis on the bottom, and I'd be tempted to take that sledding down a snowy hill during winter.

If you are going for a direct function approach, wouldn't it just be easier and cheaper to simply have wood boards come up for wheel and shift mounts, and cut a couple wedge shaped boards for the pedal lift?

On the flip side, this design might look pretty sweet with a little paint and a better solution on the mounting brackets. You could kill that PVC, waste-drain pipe look if it was painted up a bit. Maybe stretch some black cloth over the gaps for a cheap and dirty method of giving that frame a body.

I like it mainly because I can see making something similar that can be hidden away easily when not in use.  You start throwing plywood in the design and that get's more difficult.

I'm a bit torn on this. On the one hand, it's clever, and the PVC would make it light.

On the other, that's an awfully big closest you'd need to "put it away", and it'd definitely not the most attractive piece of work.

Painting it might work, covering it with stretchy cloth, etc. Might give it that exposed frame dune buggy-like appearance.

But then, you'd need to do something else with the flooring base. Maybe Diamond plate? Dunno.

Dunebuggies have roll bars.  If you want it to look like that, then you need to go all the way.  Add roll bars and some kind of thin siding to look like sheet metal (plastic would probably look fine).  And if you want to go for authenticity, use zip ties to hold the panels on!


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