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Easy way to make a driving game setup

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Found this, thought it was quite a nice solution

That is clever.  PVC pipe is both light and strong.  The key would be making the seat easy to remove so you could store it in a closet or hang it on a wall when not in use.  Interesting.

I've thought of making cabinet frames out of this, and covering them with some light wood or plastic material. That's what that guy needs to trick his chair out: a body.

Generic Eric:
The plans are from a post on lumenlabs.

Here is a basic idea of cost:

--- Quote ---$60-70 for 2" white PVC pipes, joints and glue
$17 for a salvaged Integra seat (passenger side)  from junkyard
$15-20 for nuts and bolts
$50 for the Bass Shaker
$3 for the speakers
$240 for the G25 steering gear
$10-15 for paint (plastic)
0 for scrapped MDF wood 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4"
--- End quote ---

There is a lot of more info in the thread I linked to, but you have to register to see the attachments.

...So this isn't my picture/rig or anything, but I saw it yesterday and wrote down the links so I could refer back to it.

No cupholders?   :)


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