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Wiki would be, and I'll add it once this gets developed enough - but it's easier/faster to do a post than it is to do a wiki page's here for now. :)  Also I was hoping people would have input but...I may, honestly, be the only one semi-active on here (and I was gone for AWHILE) doing a mirror cab. 

Regarding the AimTrak - I just want someone to test it and confirm before taking the note away. 

I'm just messing with you.  I hate the wiki, post here and maybe get it stickied in the monitor section.

Ok, bump, I built a mirror cab a few years back and used an Act-Labs gun. It's OK once configured, but fiddly, so I'm looking to move to Aimtrak.

I contacted Aimtrak directly to ask whether it will work in a mirror and it sounds like it might.

The proposed solution is to mount the IR bar "in front" of the mirror - ie the gun doesn't see it reversed. To calibrate, you'd need to point to the opposite corner from where the mouse is flashing for the top-left/top-right. For the calibration point at the bottom-off-centre of the screen, the important thing is that it needs to be to the left, so apparently doesn't need to be an acurate mirrored position.

Here's the response I got:
"It should be possible to calibrate using the method you describe, the off-center at the bottom is not critical, just has to correspond roughly with the left hand side of the LED bar.
What I donít know is whether Mame reverses the co-ordinates of an absolute mouse when in flip mode though, so I am not sure if it will work in Mame."

Not fully clear on th "absolute mouse" part - can anyone explain?

Basically, it will just alter where you need to put the bar.  What the comment to you about absolute mouse part is what the on screen coordinates are that mame is handling. 

So....if your playing MAME normal lets say top left is 0,0 and bottom right is 100,100.  The question is, depending on how you mirror it, do those coordinates change so that the top left of the image is always 0,0 or is it the top left of the physical monitor regardless of the image-flipping. 

Would need trial and error I think.  I know MAME will translate inputs correctly when mirrored, but not sure since this is passing a specific coordinate on screen (or percentage coordinate) to provide input instead of just a left/right/etc. movement.

Let me knwo the results - I was thinking of getting one.  Also, how far you need to be from the screen!  (and post pics of your cab somehere! )

Bump from the dead....

Searches lead me to this thread with regards to mirrored cabinets. I quickly learned of mala's lack of X Y flipping for use with a mirror. But for the short game list I was after I got the idea to make a mala layout with reversed graphics for the ui.

The large game titles are images created and used as "marquee pics". The 2 instruction prompts are just 2 user defined images along with game screen caps. Fire starts game / fire + start2 adds credit / 1 + 2 start exits game.

my project thread:,137949.0.html

Hope this gives someone else an idea or work around in the future.

good day.


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