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I can also confirm aimtrak works on a mirror cabinet.

I have a Virtau Cop 2 cabinet that i've converted to mame with a mirror converter and a 32" LCD, that fit perfect after taking off the bezel.
I had a lot of trouble setting up the aimtrak calibration with the mirror.  You need to bend the leds on the sensor bar up to account for the mirror.
After that you're good to go and setup is easy.  I wasted a lot of time on that.

For anyone interested i used a Hall Research Technology SC-VGA-2.  I'm not sure what the newer SC-VGA-2B is capable of but the model I have is only capable of 1280x1024.
I find it more than sufficent for the bulk of what i'm playing.  Particularly with the added depth (distance to screen) that the mirror provides.

And...I just got an SC-VGA-2 as well.  Or...bought one on ebay.  This will make using/updating/futzing with the cab 100x easier.... :)

...and always confirm your resolution before buying hardware.  My monitor is 1600x1200 so it's looking a bit fuzzy using the the point of I may not use it unless I find something really compelling (or I rebuild the computer, which is getting close and closer). 


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