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I'll try it too - I have two monitors - one Sceptre and the other an asus. perhaps there is some super secret hardware switch that can happen. I had sceptre on the phone before to see if they or I could alter the bios so that it started up (in full on instead of standby) when it detected power. It didn't occur to me their might be some service settings that would do something like a horizontal flip


Just wanted to bump this back from the grave again and go on record to confirm that "An Aimtrack IR gun DOES work in a mirrored cabinet with MAME, as it would on a normal arcade setup!"

I have a Terminator 2 cabinet that Ive converted to Mame (without destroying or removing ANY of the original cabinet, guns, or PCB's). With your mirrored cabinet open from the back, just put your IR sensor bar on the top of the flat lying CRT monitor (in other words, on the farthest side away from you). Hook up all of your light gun usb's to the PC and then connect your trigger/ground wires to the IR camera board (as ultimarc explains in their OEM module pdf). After that it should work. The IR signal will bounce off of the mirror and straight down into your IR sensor bar below. I didnt have to flip anything in the Aimtrak settings and I didnt have to calibrate it in any flipped way.  I installed the IR camera into the tip of my T2 guns and it works perfectly, literally only about 1 foot from the mirror, and another 1 foot down to the 25" TV!

Le Chuck:
T2 are positional guns. Why would you convert them to IR. They are analog controllers. I mean cool and all you did it but why when you can literally use them as is?

Definitely a good & valid question. Youre right, I wouldnt have needed the light gun capability if I wasnt running a lot of Daphne/American Laser Games. Daphne blows when it comes to controller configuration, so the analog pots werent working with any of the laser games, and all of the software that converts analog controls to mouse movement were really lacking when it came to 100% accuracy. So I went with adding the Aimtrak OEM Module. Seemed to be the best solution for my issues after extensive searching and trial and error with Daphne and analog controls.

Also, there are a lot of Mame games that I actually prefer using the analog controls (maybe thats weird, I dunno), so, with this setup, I've got the option for either.  :)

Glad it definitely works on the AimTrak's! 

As more time goes on, I'm definitely leaning towards trying to find a better monitor solution than having to limit the software I can use.  There are minimal monitors/tv's that can do the flipping needed though.  Even a widescreen, as noted, is difficult because it's optimal configuration would be rotated 90 degrees - which would require a different flip than I think most have built in. 


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