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Some guys on this thread say they can do a horizontal flip with the Nvidia mx440. Can anybody confirm or deny that? I'd love to not have to spend $500 on an image flipper for teleprompters!  :gobama  :P

Since I'm moving, I'm looking at updating some of my software and it seems this issue STILL exists.  In regards to the MX440, I haven't seen anything driver wise that lets you do a screenflip/mirror like is needed for a mirror cab in any up to date software/drivers. of today...still no real solution to flip video to an LCD monitor.

I'm trying to do exactly this with a broken virtua cop 2 cab that uses a mirror. Monitor, game board and gun sense PCB are all faulty so i want to replace with an LCD and a PC.

Model 2 emulator doesn't seem to have a mirror mode that I can find.

Can anyone provide a model number of a 32" lcd that has the hv flip option? I know some Samsungs do but neither of the two screens that I have support this in the service menu. Thanks!

Has anyone figured this out? I've got a custom cabinet with two monitors and BOTH are reflected in mirrors. I'm seeking a solution to flip two monitors as the space invaders was flipped. I want to run more than just mame but rather hyperspin as well as all emus. I really need to do the mirroring thing properly for windows 8.1 OS

The easiest way would be to use an LCD monitor with the HV flip option in the service menu, like this Samsung:

For something like my virtua cop 2 cab, a 32" widescreen lcd tv fits nicely and can just lie on the existing frame. In a 4:3 screen ratio, this gives a 26" diagonal screen size, which is the same as the original one.

With this option enabled, you could just set the screen up as normal, and then flip it. Might also have to reverse the mouse X axis, but that's not difficult. Using the mirror also has the advantage of increasing the distance between the light gun and the screen, which is good for Aimtrak guns.

Neither of my Samsung LCDs have this option sadly. Although there are apparently other hidden options in the service menu, but you need special IR commands to unlock these. This is possible with a universal remote like a logitech, so I'm going to give that a try.


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