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Leo Sump:
Hello guys.  I am getting ready to light my marquee but I'm concerned about how a florescent lamp being so close to the monitor or tv (I haven't decided which yet) would make it have wavy lines through it.  Is this a valid concern?  If not, what stops this from occuring?

The reason I ask is because until I put my PC on a UPS anytime my house's kitchen lights went on my PC had wavy lines through it at various resolutions.

It almost sound like your house is wired with too many things on one circuit.  Have you tried plugging the arcade cab into a different circuit and turning those same lights on?  I have a flourescent in my cab less than 6" from my monitor without any problem.

It is a valid concern.

Carsten Carlos:
Better don't try halogen-lamps, they'll get incredible hot caged in your cabinet.
There are AC-filters out there which might cost about $10 -sorry, don't know how you call them in english, but I guess they would be worth a try, especially as your UPS helped, too. At least they are much cheaper. :)

Probable your kitchen-lamp only produces noise and gives it back to your powercircuits. Using a different circuit might help, too. Is it an old house? They tend more to have such problems - I live in an old house, too. Luckily it all seems to work, but kitchen, living-room and bedroom are all on the same circuit here which really sucks.

my monitor did flicker when i used flusent light....then i bought cheap  ;D TUBE light from home comes with the thing where you put the TUBE LIGHT...its not very very powerfull..perfect because now the monitor is flicker...good luck...


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