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Hey guys
I was just wondering if anybody has a black arcade machine image that I could use to replace the blue one in my theme .
Or if someone could tell me a theme that has one in it so I can download and use. I have seen one in a theme before but I can't find it now.
I need the machine and bezels (vertical and horizontal)
Any help would be great

if you're any good at photoshop (doesn't take much anyway, lol) you can open up the image of the blue cabinet and play with the hue and saturation to make it black

It may not be top professional quality or anything like that, but I happened to of done just what you asked with the cabinet.

This literally just took me a couple mins once I figured out what panel to open in Gimp, and it is my very first time that I have ever tried to change the color of an object like this, so I did it hastily and it is not perfect, but it was good enough for what I needed to do with it.

I also changed the layout of the colors on the control panel to match my personal MAME cab.

Might as well share it, but I am not taking requests for more colors or anything. Again, this took me less than 5mins and was my first attempt at such as task, and all using a free program.

Here you go:


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