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--- Quote from: Bender on March 04, 2011, 08:02:36 pm ---I have had good luck with Ram Controls and the quality of the products are first rate, but anyone who has been following this site knows Dave has had serious issues filling orders, so one should take precautions when ordering, use a credit card, get tracking #, etc

I'd like to see a list of OUR members who still have outstanding orders I know there are a few, but have no idea many, my hunch is that there are not that many

Half of the money from that  goggle list are for Star Wars Cab pre Orders, so I think that $24K is a little deceiving
having said that I would NEVER, EVER pre order from Ram Controls
I really hope with outstanding orders get resolved soon, this just so disturbing

--- End quote ---

I thought he had someone helping him already?

It's probably telling that his site advertises the January sale- in March.


--- Quote from: Hoopz on March 04, 2011, 08:08:14 pm ---
Surely, you jest?  How can the list be deceiving when Dave hasn't delivered on what he took payment for?  Just because they are more expensive items doesn't make his fraud any less.

--- End quote ---

um...  isn't that what a pre-order is?

And Frizz, I do love me some Kool-Aid :cheers:

I guess it's time for me to add fuel to the fire and tell my whole story,  I don't have a KLOV account so perhaps some kind soul could cross-post this so those members can read it too since it's now extremely relevant?

On roughly Dec 29th 2009 I ordered a star wars yoke and USB board,  totalling around $450 with shipping.  Like many others here,  I didn't receive my items.

In mid-April 2010,  or thereabouts I go to the gas station and my card is declined.  I come home to a huge stack of insufficient funds notices in my mailbox.  I was confused,  I'd $600 in my account.  I log into my bank account and find...

...Ramcontrols had charged me again for the items,  and then put through a third charge the next day.  They charged me $900 in two days in April for something I paid for in December.

I contacted them immediately via e-mail,  and received a response just a couple hours later...

--- Quote ---Ryan,
Can you give me the last four digits of the credit card in question?  Those dates coincide when we were working on the shopping cart system, so this sounds like something we may have inadvertently caused.  Please get back to me as soon as possible so I may correct it.
Thank you for your time and please accept my apologies for the situation.
--- End quote ---

It's important to note at this point,  I've a degree in computer science.  I know he can simply look up in his records when my name was charged,  he doesn't require the last 4 digits of my card to look up the transaction,  he would have had listed 3 sets of the items to be delivered.  Not only that,  but it would be *extremely* odd for an update to the shopping cart system to suddenly choose just one single charge and repeat it,  two days in a row,  4 months after the charges were entered.  Https is a non-state based system,  my data should've been flushed right after commiting.  Not suddenly reappearing as a new entry 4 months later.  It's possible he chose to use my information to test two days in a row,  but who in their right mind would use a customer's valid information to test their system?  

The next day I go to the bank,  get some runaround about the now -$900 my account is at between his extra charges and the crap ton of ISF notices.  I end up disputing the charges,  and get my money back for the April debacle.

Mind you,  at this point,  none of you can get him to respond to your emails,  despite my being late in the queue for yokes,  I get mine about 6 weeks later.

Personally,  I think people who have dealt with Dave may want to take a few minutes to review their transation history around the month of April 2010.


--- Quote from: Bender on March 04, 2011, 08:02:36 pm ---I'd like to see a list of OUR members who still have outstanding orders I know there are a few, but have no idea many, my hunch is that there are not that many

--- End quote ---

Are you freaking kidding me?!?

OK.  How's this?!?!  I'm one of "OUT" members and I still have outstanding orders...  in the order of $500 cash and around $800 worth of parts...  and no I did not pre-order anything from him.  

Anyway, what freaking difference does it make how many of "OUR" members are owed?

I have supported Dave.  I even loaned money to finish the Yokes as I believed in him.  He screwed me...  "a friend" just like everyone else...

Attitudes like yours really, really piss me off!


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