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DaOld Man:
Just a quick announcement.
I am currently working on a MRotate version that will use the USB port instead of the printer port.
This will require additional hardware, but by using a PIC chip and a few additional parts, it can be done.
It will still be a lot easier to use a printer port, but for those who dont have that option, I am trying to produce a product that will allow you to rotate your monitor using USB.
Stay tuned.

EXCELLENT!!  Thank you sir for the work you do!



DNA Dan:
DaOld Man,

What do you think about using this motor controller instead of the secret motor driver?

It's already interfaced with a USB connection. Would have to think about how to diagram the limiting switches. Not the cheapest thing, but if it's an all in one solution I'd be into it. Don't know if you heard of these guys but their stuff is pretty slick.

DaOld Man:
Looks interesting.
There are many controllers on the market. The only problem with this from my stand point is that to interface each controller with MRotate, each controller has to be crafted into the program.
Since I cant get my hands on every controller out there, and since each seems to have their own ways of passing commands, it is impossible for me to modify the code to work on every controller.
That is why I am leaning towards the USB I/O board. It can be more or less universal, like the printer port is.
However, if you want to purchase one of those drives, I will work with you all I can, but, I cant guarantee anything, including the amount of time I can spend on it. (This is not my bill paying job LOL ).

Maybe I need to concentrate on producing MRotate with plugin capabilities. Im sure a plugin would be easier to customize for each controller that pops up than it would be to re-program MRotate each time, but I really dont want to open a can of worms here.
Now if the community can pick out one controller to fit all rigs, then one MRotate version can be produced for that controller.
The problem with this is that the controller may work fine for someone with a low power motor, but wont work for a higher power one needed for a CRT or very a large LCD. Different voltages may be a problem too.

Of course there are plenty of programmers on here and some may be willing to write the script for any controller that pops up. Looks like the controller you have picked out works with several different languages.

From my standpoint, module construction, (one particular USB I/O interface + user supplied drive) is the best way to suite everyone. And my aim with MRotate from the very beginning was to supply a program that everyone can use, thus freeing up their time to concentrate more on the cabinet construction.

Bill Gates: why did you take away my beloved printer port? And what do you have in mind after USB becomes "old"?

DNA Dan:
Yeah its a constant struggle to keep up with the changing ports/formats. I think you are right on with the universal USB I/O board. That was the cheapest I could find that had a wide array of input support. The documentation was pretty good too for novice programmers.

I checked last night and I don't have a printer port on the computer I plan on putting in my cab. So I am left with having to use a mechanical switch until you can work out the USB interface (or something else). I am in the dark on the software side of things, I am more of a mechanical/engineering oriented person. So I need to use what you've got or rig up a mechanical solution which I could swap at a later date with software.

Some other ideas I was thinking of would be an 9-pin RS-232 serial port. Those are considered "legacy" but you can buy dongles and adaptors for those that convert the signal. A lot of instrumentation still use those ports today and it's sort of the standard in industrial automation. One other thought would be to run it off the pin header for a MOBO case fan. This would have to be a simple "turn on, turn off" circuit design and logic function would be removed, but this might be a way to "future-proof" a rotating setup. I know that wasn't the original I/O intent for Mrotate and a lot functionality is lost, but this is Bill Gates you're up against!


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