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Great looking cab.  I wish I was that good at woodwork. :)

One problem (might be at my end, but) I think is your web server.  I can't download more than two or so of your pages before I get an "Can't find url" error.  Even trying to reload the same page I just downloaded gets the error.  Does your web server have a bandwidth limit?

I'm running Netscape 7.0pr1 on a WinMe system behind a NAT server, but I tried Netscape 6.2 & IE 5.5 after I got the error, and it happens on them too.

I would like to see your whole site, and not feel guilty of bringing it down when looking at the great (but bandwidth chomping big) pictures.

I don't think we are running into a bandwith issue but maybe some other type of issue. I will look into this. Thanks for making me aware there is a problem. ???

Please let me know if this continues so that I can get it fixed.


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