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Hi there!

I've been wanting to make a cab for many years now. When I first got interested I bought Saint's book off of Amazon and have cherished it. However, I never actually got around to putting one together till now and im really excited.

However, I now see that theres a new updated book, but there's no description as to the updates. Is there much benefit in re-purchasing the new book? or will I make due from the forums and the old book?

Thanks for all your help.

Old vendors and parts taken out. New vendors and parts put in. Chapters 2 and 6 are new, using's cabinet design instead of LuSiD's design. All links updated, dead links removed. Various other misc updates and such. All in all I'd guess it's 40-50% new material. You can build a cabinet just fine with the old book, but you'll find a lot of old/outdated links and vendors you'll have to deal with.

Thanks Saint!

I'll certainty consider buying it then. Gonna budget it in. =P

I'll make sure to use the amazon link to give you some extra support.  :angel:

I flipped through the 2nd edition the other day.  It looks like a lot of work went into updating it.

Looks good.

Yea.  It's a big update.  If you can, you should grab a copy of the 2nd Edition!


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