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MRotate3 download (Screenshots)


DaOld Man:
MRotate3 is now ready for download in the file repository:

DaOld Man:
Here are a few screenshots:

(1): Main screen in mrsetup.exe
(2): Testpanel in mrsetup.exe
(3): Inputs section in mrsetup.exe
(4): Outputs section in mrsetup.exe

DaOld Man:
More screen shots.
What you see when you unzip the downloaded file (probably should have posted this screen shot first.)

Extras folder has a few goodies including Inpout32.dll and rstimer.ocx, which are required to run mrotate3.

MR3messagebox.exe is used by mrotate3 to popup messages if anything out of the ordinary happens when running mrotate3.exe. (Features can be setup in options section of mrsetup.exe)

MRdegauss.exe is also used by mrotate3.exe to delay degaussing the monitor until a certain amount of time has passed. This frees up mrotate3.exe and allows your frontend to continue doing its thing. MRdegauss can be setup from mrsetup.exe. This is optional.

mrotate3.exe is the workhorse. This is the program you call to rotate the monitor. This program runs behind the scenes and controls your rotating rig.

mrsetup.exe is the GUI program where you can setup everything for mrotate3.exe. Printerport address, outputs, inputs, time limits, PWM control, commands, dynamic braking control, test panel, options, and the whole works. This program needs to be run before you do anything else, to set all the bells and whistles you want mrotate3.exe to do.

readme.htm is a browser friendly document that you should really read before doing anything else.

readme.txt is the same file as readme.htm, just in a more computer friendly and simple text file.

DaOld Man:
Here is the readme.txt file, just in case you are interested in reading it before downloading mrotate3.

DaOld Man:
Here is what is in the un-zipped Extras Folder:

inpout32.dll-- Try placing this in the same folder as mrotate3.exe, if it dont work, put it in windows\system32
pportreader.exe -- This is printer port reader. Handy for testing the software without having to attach anything to the printer port. This is not needed by MRotate3, you can SC it if you dont want it.
rstimer.ocx-- needed by MRotate3 to run. Try placing it in the same folder as mrotate3.exe.
inpout32info.txt, pportreaderinfo.txt, and rstimerinfo.txt are text files that give a little info about each file in this folder.


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