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DaOld Man:
Probably something Im doing wrong. Here is a screenshot.


--- Quote from: DaOld Man on February 07, 2011, 09:23:16 pm ---Probably something Im doing wrong. Here is a screenshot.

--- End quote ---

I think try it without the URL entry? What is the full URL entry?

DaOld Man:

Ive tried it without the url also.

Huh, weird. Let me dig some more. In the meantime, if you'll give me a description and keywords you want with it I'll upload it.

DaOld Man:
Ok, tried it again with Mozilla Firefox and it didnt work.
So I thought I would try it with Internet Explorer 6 (I dont use it very often, no need to update it), and it worked!

So it looks like a problem with Firefox. (You aint on Gates' payroll are you Saint? LOL)

Im going to try pportreader now.

Thanks for your help Saint.


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