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Printer Port Reader (Download ready)


DaOld Man:
I have developed a utility to aid in developing a project that uses the printer port for I/O.
In other words, this app can monitor the printer port so you can "play" with MRotate3 without having to hook up anything to the printer port.

None of the MRotate versions require this program, nor does this program require any of them.

Displays Data, Status, and Control memory locations. Allows you to turn on Data and Control bits from the screen by clicking on the graphical display.
Allows you to test your setup before connecting your motor to the port.
Can be used to monitor the port even after you have your motor and switches hooked up (very helpful during initial setup).
It has 3 screen modes, one being a very small window that can be placed in a corner of the monitor screen to watch Data and Status bits.

Windows and Inpout32.dll.
Computer with a printer port or add-on PCI card.
Knowledge to find the printer port address in Windows.

I plan to upload this file to the File Repository on here very soon.
In the meantime, here is a quick website I threw together with some screenshots of the program.

DaOld Man:
Printer port reader is now available for download in the file repository:


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