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DaOld Man:
My very first rotating monitor program, (I guess that could be labeled as a project) called DRotate, for DOS machines.
Ahh, the memories LOL.

Here is my rotate Project. It was "very" easy for me, because the original CAB have 4 PCBs inside and was able to turn the screen. My Job was only to rip all out of the cabinet make it more beautyfull and do the connection from the PC to the turning pcb of the cabinet. The build in turning PCB is capable to turn the screen via one signal.
on = turn to vertical
off = turn to horizontal
It has two relais on board and some edge switches at the start and end of the turning points.
and handles the degauss with two ptcs
Look here:

and here for more pictures of the cab

youtube video

Good stuff Wolfsoft!

Thank you for sharing your site/info!


DNA Dan:
Here's mine. Lots of photos and detail.

Auto rotating with usb.


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