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How could I have missed this, that looks amazing, I like the way it interacts with the game, excellent work. It's funny how I noticed this on the same day I'm struggling with my Toppers rotation.

Here's a quick video of my rotating monitor setup.  It's driven by a servo similar to the setup used by GORF here:,139722.0.html.  I don't actually have any of my cabinet designed or built yet.  Needed a way to mount the monitor for testing, and managed to integrate the rotating monitor into the original monitor mount.

Not counting the cost of the monitor (which I've had laying around for years), I spent less than $80 on all the parts for this.  Once I've pulled together more information, I plan to post a dedicated thread with some pictures, diagrams, and additional details on the parts used, but for now I thought I'd go ahead and post a link to my video on YouTube.

DaOld Man:
Hello Byancey, and welcome to the forum!
Looks like you are off to a great start on your rotating project.
I have got to get me one of those sevos to play around with.

I've enjoyed looking at all of your guys' rotating displays. I wanted to toss mine onto the pile in case anyone is interested.

I have a write-up with photos here:

I also have a video of the end result in action here:

DaOld Man:
Hello mrsonicblue, and welcome to the forum!
Nice job on your rotating project.
I like the way you used the right angle gearing.
What drive and  software are you using?


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