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Post links to your rotating projects here.

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DaOld Man:
Use this section to post links to your rotating monitor project.
I have created another topic for discussion and Q&A about MRotate.
I would like to leave this topic to only showcase rotating projects.
Thanks and sorry about the confusion.

DaOld Man:
If you have a rotating monitor project on here, (I know there are a bunch), how about posting a link to it here.

This is the first one I did, and I learned a lot from this. This post is pretty long, as I tried to post all my trials and errors, (looking back, that probably wasnt a good idea.)
So bear with me if you decide to read it. Hopefully it will save you a few trials and errors.

After lots of time planning out the design of my rotating 21" crt cab, I've literally just started construction, and the monitor rotator is the first bit I'm working on.

Thread is here:
Updates will be soon. Honest.


here's mine:

Nothing much to help on the software side of things, but hopefully lots of inspiration for the mechanical/electrical aspect (",)

Here is mine


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