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StartCom for Mala


DaOld Man:
With the undying help of Loadman, we created a mala plug-in that works great with MRotate.
It starts MRotate, and tells it which way to turn the monitor, based on the games' original orientation.
This plug-in can work with other command line motor programs, but it was designed with MRotate in mind.
If you have a rotating monitor project, and you are using Mala, then add StartCom to your list of must-haves.

StartCom can be downloaded from the Mala website:

Here is a link to the thread we kept while developing it, again, bear with the length of the thread, a lot of info was posted.

DaOld Man:
Here is a helpful post by Topjimmycooks over in the Mala forum, about using bat files to control rotating software other than Mrotate from startcom.


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