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DaOld Man:
This section will be for general information questions about MRotate. What you need, how to set it up, how it works, etc.

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I'm just now starting to build another cabinet.. and I would LOVE to rotate the screen.  I'm assuming that all projects on here, use the printers parallel port ?  Has anyone used the serial port on ta PC yet?  or USB?   I have a bartop cabinet with a 10.5" LCD, and would love to have this thing rotate per game selection.  Also, is this project only related to the MALA frontend? 

Thanks for help.  Neat ideas here.  Love it


DaOld Man:
I have not experimented with usb or serial, not sure if anyone else has.
I did purchase a "teensy" usb breakout board.
But I havent had much chance to play around with it yet.
Using the printer port is extremely simple, and MRotate is currently only compatible with it, at least until I can get some time to figure out how to program with the teensy board.
If anyone on here has done a rotating project using serial or usb, I would much appreciate seeing it, and posting a link to the project here would be great.

Mrotate can work with any front end that can send it a command line with an argument.
For example, you can send it a command from the CMD window such as: C:\mrotate\mrotate 0
Loadman helped me build a plug in that does that from mala. I think others on here have experimented with other front ends. I was thinking of making one for GLaunch, but never got around to it.
Note: MRotate is only compatible with Windows. It has been tested on XP 32 bit, Vista 32 bit, and I have one user set it up on Win7 64 bit, but it takes a little extra work to make it happen on 64 bit system, but it can be done.

My plan is to add monitor rotation, though I plan to do it with a pulley system (probably old grandfather clock pulleys and brass wire, but I'm not sure yet).

I'd have prefered gears, but I can't seem to find a decent source.

MRotate might enter into the equation at some point. Any idea if it'll work with one of those "USB to Serial port" dongles?


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