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New ControllerRemap utility, 7/11/13 update available (Version 0.0.11)

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I haven't checked out CFGMagician. Sounds like I need to! Thanks


The wrapper idea is exactly right. I just start a BAT file from Mala, and in the BAT file, I run ControllerRemap, and then start Mame.

I've actually got some code in ControllerRemap to echo all command line parms down to mame and launch it automatically, but i haven't had time to fully test that feature out, so it's not documented yet.

Check out the top post on this thread, I've updated it with an attachment for the first beta release of ControllerRemap.

Let me know what you think!

Answering the Question about CFGMagician. I just checked out the website and docs. It looks like it's more of a CFG Generator that run based on lists of games. I'm still not quite sure about it, as I've never really noticed that I've needed to set up configs for specific games. Usually, just defining the DEFAULT mappings works for me.

ControllerRemap wouldn't really work well with CFGMagician, mainly because ControllerRemap is intended to be used against a single CFG file located in Mame's CTRLR folder.

But that ctrlr file can contain input port mappings for any number of games, bios's, and drivers as well as the DEFAULT set of mappings.

So in theory, you COULD run CFGMagician to generate various CFG files that you need, and then move their contents into your controller CFG file.

But it'd still be a pretty manual process at this point.

Absolutely amazing work !!!.
And it works too. I just finished testing it. I struggled a bit until I realized I had to delete my existing cfg\default.cfg because it was overwriting everything else.
After that the remapping works like a charm.
My startMame.cmd file that I placed in C:\mame0138 consists of just 3 lines. The % vars are for Mala to send the romname and sometimes other staff like -triplebuffer

@echo off
C:\utilities\ControllerRemap.exe /Remap:C:\mame0138\ctrlr\MikesArcade.cfg > NUL
call C:\mame0138\mame.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 -ctrlr MikesArcade

In fact just to play it safe and avoid any interoperability issues between controllers I just put the default.cfg file back in the config folder.
However this time I removed all the ports that ControllerRemap is handling and I am using it for all the rest of the ports.
This way I can set to None whatever defaults Mame comes with that can cause trouble while playing.

What would be great is if ControllerRemap could automatically detect the conflicts in the cfg\default.cfg and simply remove from it the ports that itself is trying to remap.

Great news! Thanks for letting me know.

Yeah, the default file can interfere with the ctrlr file if there are conflicting port assignments. Mame doesn't seem to combine them, it just reads them in a certain order and the assignments it reads later overwrite the earlier read assigments.

I just set all my assignments up in my ctrlr file and blanked out the default.cfg.

But, you could also set up a few constant keyboard mappings in your default and not worry about them in the ctrlr file.

Interesting idea about altering  the default.cfg file... I'm not sure. If you set those ports deliberately in default.cfg, they could get wiped out inadvertently.

At any rate, glad to hear it's working for you!


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