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New ControllerRemap utility, 7/11/13 update available (Version 0.0.11)

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This should definitely help to rectify those situations.

That's the main reason I ended up writing it. If I plugged in my xbox drums and PS2 guitar controllers, and then didn't think to unplug them before running mame, mame was all messed up.

And lets say I want to use an AIMtrak. It won't be plugged in all the time, but when it is, it'll suffer the same problems, I'm sure.

I should be able to post a workable version here in the next few days. This gizmo's a WHOLE LOT simpler than the Engine18 plugin  ::)

Stay tuned!


Does this sound similar (not the same) to CFG Magician?  It can remap controls similar to what you are describing (I think).

Plus one for the interest.

My current project does not have a need for such a thing, however, much like you're describing, some day I do plan on adding other controllers, guitars and etc, which would be plugged and unplugged on an as needed basis.   I've often wondered how I would handle such a scenario and think a tool like this would be AMAZING to solve that issue! 

+1 for interest.
I am building a cabinet with an embedded U360.  I need to plug in a Logitech gamepad occasionally to support a second player but whenever I do that the Logitech device shows up as Joy1 in mame...
I am using Mala as a frontend so I would be really interested in seeing your code eventually being ported as a Mala plugin. (by the way Mala does not get confused with the usb changes, I suppose it is using the IDs correctly)
I am only interested in overwriting the default.cfg file prior to mame start. How would you recommend that your code gets executed before mame? (a wrapper script around the mame executable?)
If I get this right your utility would detect whenever I connect the Logitech gamepad and then remap Player1 to use Joy2 (i.e. U360) amd Player2 to use Joy1(i.e. Logitech).
When just the U360 is present then the mapping should be Player1 to use Joy1 (U360) and Player2 none.
I hope we have your tool soon...

P.S. I have attached the U360 on my panel in a reverse direction because of problems with space so now I have the U360 joystick mapped in reverse in Mame (i.e. Joy1 up is actually U360 down). I hope your tool is flexible enough to cater for this as well...


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