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JUKECADE, A Jukebox designed for MAME cabinets (uses mame controls)

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Just want to share with you all some screen shots of my brand new Jukecade two screen which I will eventually put in to a cabinet.

* Now has two screens: 1 for selection and the other for playback
* Plays clips of new videos in attract mode
* Shows "recent plays", "new videos" and "new albums" via the attract mode
* Uses user defined videos for audio only playback - currently plays MMD, Shadow dancers, etc
* After a given number of plays the main display will show a "coming up" list"
plus lots of other stuff

Im sorry I wont release this (for now) as I just dont have the time to support it. Im so busy with other things...

Hi Jukecade
I am getting an error 70 when it builds the database.
I only want it to play music videos .avi. Not .mp3
If you can also post the user guide for your software that would help too 8


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