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JUKECADE, A Jukebox designed for MAME cabinets (uses mame controls)

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Does it work with Windows 7 64 bit? If so I think I'll try it out, looks cool, thanks so much, we need some new product in this category.   :applaud:


--- Quote from: secret80sman on January 31, 2011, 11:06:13 am ---Does it work with Windows 7 64 bit? If so I think I'll try it out, looks cool, thanks so much, we need some new product in this category.   :applaud:

--- End quote ---

I programmed it using Visual Basic 6.0 on 32bit Windows 7 starter and it seems to run ok for me. I dont have any 64bit PC's to test it on so cant say for sure. You may have to run it in a compatability mode such as Xp SP3  but I'm not sure. Sorry I cant be of much help with your inquiry. The only thing I know can cause problems with Windows 7 is with the permissions system. The software writes a media database and log files so installing it in C:\program files\ may cause problems unless you give the program full read/write permissions. I run it from Drive D: so dont come across it myself.

I hope it works for you and you enjoy using it.

New Jukecade skin added:

MR DO!  or

Also can anyone recommend a free (FTP access - no stupid online webbuilders) webhost. I've been working on a website for my Jukecade project giving details, download links, installation information plus MAME & Maximus Arcade info & projects?

Thank you... ;D

I had a chance to mess around with the program today and I dig it, hard to believe it was your first foray into this kind of programming, I think you did a nice job. A couple of suggestions if you are open to them.

1. it would be good if there was a button that opened up a gui where a user could change button assignments, skins, etc. It would make the program more user friendly and intuitive.

2. Might want to alter the graphics to make navigation more intuitive too as it took me a while to figure out that I had to press my joystick to the right until the pac man ghost turned to a pac man before I could move to a new tab of CD's. Some text might be useful there or a key at the bottom.

3. On my Wells Gardner DG9800 which is one of the newest arcade monitors the headings of play list, music videos, etc. are hard to read. I think the font is just too small. I wonder if the real estate being used above for the pac man ghosts could instead be used to enlarge things. If the classic game theme of each skin is integral to your program (it is called Jukecade after all) then perhaps the CD cases could be slightly smaller to make it more legible, or perhaps it could be definable by the user if he held his cursor between the playlist window and the CD artwork window and one was allowed to drag the screen size in either direction thus making it more visible based on the users preference.

4. If there are no credits the words INSERT COIN should flash in the lower left hand corner if possible. Several times I was sure the program stopped working for me and it was just that I was out of pretend money. This could perhaps be defeatable in the GUI under options? For those of us with arcade cabinets with a fake coin slot mechanism it makes sense.

If I think of anything else I'll let you know. A nice video tutorial might entice more people to try it out too but I would suggest doing that once a GUI is in place so there are things to demonstrate and show off.

Thanks for  your efforts man! They are definitely appreciated by the community.

Looks pretty awesome! Does mouse input work to scroll? ie - spinner?


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