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JUKECADE, A Jukebox designed for MAME cabinets (uses mame controls)

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Hi all

First just want to say I hope this is the right place to post this. If not I'm sure the admin will move it.

I just want to share a project I have been working on. Its a Jukebox for my MAME cabinet which I have called Jukecade. After looking at lots of software available I could not find anything that really was designed for use in a arcade cabinet along with my MAME system. Most relyed on touch screen, keyboard or mouse control. I wanted a jukebox that I could fully control via a joystick and 3 buttons. Something simple and easy to use. I wasnít interested in internet charts, cd burn and other bloaterware which many software insist on including. If I could view a video, listen to music tracks or my favorite downloaded radio comedy shows & Audio books** I would be happy.

My specifications were: had to be skinable, fully controllable via joystick (IPAC or USB Gamepad hack)& 3 buttons (using the same Ďkeysí as MAME), able to play Music, videos and downloaded Radio shows & Audio books** via Windows Media Player & my installed codecs. Thatís it. No other functions were needed as far as I was concerned. The result is Jukecade. Iím not saying itís a commercial quality product or even a finished product. It will be always updated or rewritten. In fact this was my first Visual Basic programming exercise so expect bad coding and bugs!

(** Although I have chosen Radio for the third media category there is no reason why you cannot use this for other types such as Karaoke instead. Simply change the Radio file filter in media.ini to "*.cdg" instead of "*.mp3" and set the Radio path to your Karaoke folder. Use a Paint package to alter the Radio "Button" label. (You may need to install a Karaoke codec to your Windows Media Player to use CDG files.)

Everything is very customable: Ie freeplay, credits per coin, on screen instructions on/off, gamepad/keyboard control (Definable keys/buttons), Plays whatever your WMP supports, Attract video on/off, random or set skin on load, etc, etc.

Would anyone be interested in a free copy to evaluate or simply help in some way?

Jukecade main program (v1.01)  (March07 - Now upgraded to v1.02 (See post below for details of what is new)
Main program at:

(includes PACMAN and ARKANOID Skins) (apx 26mb)

Skins - (install under the skins folder)
Jukebox skin at:   (apx 3mb)
Gals Panic skin at:  (apx 3mb)
Sexy Parodius skin at:   (apx 4mb)

(Update Mar2011 - All Jukecade & skins folder

Below are some sample screen grabs from the various skins available:

Zip it up, attach it to your post and let the community decide if they like it!


EDIT: Use Install Creator from ClickTeam to make an installer. Pretty straight forward to use and and its free. You do have the added on 'Buy me to remove this nag screen' at the end of each install, but does the job you want and has no time or use limits. 

I'd be happy to try it out!

Links added to my original post...

Looks promising!

I'll download the app, and check it out!

- John


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