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This new forum is for posting about game consoles (X-Box, Dreamcast, etc.), questions and comments about them runing emulators on them (speed, loading, etc.), hacking thier controls, running multiple in a cab simutaniously, and other console related topics.

The base rules (be kind to others)

No piracy, no "game backups", no links to same, etc. Modding a console for homebrew and MAME goodness is fair game for these forums. Piracy is not.

If at any point modded consoles are shown to be illegal in the United States then such discussions would need to be curtailed (discussing the ethics thereof, or stating that it is possible would be OK, a "how-to" or selling of such items would not.)  However, as of this writing I am unaware that modding hardware is illegal.

Trying things out:
Console video questions should go here for the time being, instead of Monitor/Video.

For posts about useing consoles at the same time as a PC (ie Dreamcast and I-Pac), I leave up to you, but please do not post in both Main and here for the same question.

YYAAAAAAAAAYYY, a consoles forum ;D

hey, is this thing gonna go to the top, y'know, that box with all the links in it?


 ;D ;D ;D

Good move administrator ... a welcome addition to the board.



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