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XBox steering wheel extension cable required

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Does anyone know where I can purchase an extension cable for my Mad Catz Universal steering wheel to my XBox console.  

The end of the cable from my Mad Catz looks like the photo below.  This is just like an XBox controller (duh..) but I can not find an extension cable for it.    

Note:  The extension cables I have found are only applicable for XBox controllers not steering wheels.  The Xbox controllers use a "break-away" cable which has a circular connector and this is the only way the extension cables which I have found are used (ie: by connecting to the circular connector).  The Mad Catx Universal wheel does not have this "break-away" cable circular connector so normal extension cables do not work.  As a result, I need an extension cable which can connect to the cable connector in the picture and then allows the other end to be connected to the Xbox console.

What about these?

Looks good to me.....thats great.    I just sent a mail confirming the Xbox oval-like connector can connect into the cable they are referring to....

Also, it seems like a good deal since it might come with 2 6' cables....hard to say from his post.

Thanks for the info

I won a pair for $1.25, want to hack one to accept USB devices. :)


Seems like a good deal for just a $1.25 and only $5 shipping.

- Did you receive your cables yet?

- I wanted to make sure you do in fact get "two" cables each of 6 foot' in length?

- Also, please confirm that one end of your cable looks like the picture I posted above and the other end of the cable allows the connector (as pictures above) to fit into it.   If so, I will order a pair



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