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Tried it out and mouse input cannot be used for steering in Nebula's M2 emulator.
You could map the mouse to keyboard or joystick inputs using Autohotkey or JoyToKey, but I don't know how good the results would be.
If the U-HID maps the input to an axis, it should work.

I totally forgot about the UHID.  If I remember it's capabilities right, that would be perfect!

Nebula M2 only emulates 270 steering wheel games.  Those are not the same as 360 steering wheels.  The former is like an analog joystick in that it has a limited motion (you can probably use an analog joystick actually).  A 360 steering wheel has no restriction generally, and as such would not mesh with those controls if the emulator accepted the input.  I wrote a tool that maps the 360 wheel to a 270 wheel that should work for your application.  It won't be perfect since it really needs restriction, but it should work fine if you are careful not to spin it.


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