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Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PC/Windows) working with Maximus Arcade


This is my first post, so I thought I'd be helpful to those trying to run Mortal Kombat Trilogy from Maximus Arcade.  I ran into a couple issues trying to get the front end to launch MKT properly, so I wrote a vbscript to help.  The issues were (1) a message box pops up stating that the game runs better in 15 or 16 bit color, and (2) the game will not start in full screen.  I did some searching and could not find any command line options to start in full screen or change the color depth, if they do exist, then please post it here, because it would be a little easier/cleaner than running this script, although the script isn't all that bad.  ok, down to business then....

first, create the script.  just open up notepad or whatever you use and copy this and save the file with a .vbs extension:

set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
         WshShell.Run "MKTRILW.EXE"
         WScript.Sleep 100
         WshShell.AppActivate "MK Trilogy"
         WScript.Sleep 100
         WshShell.SendKeys "~"
         WScript.Sleep 500
         WshShell.SendKeys "%~"

Save the above as something like fullscreen.vbs or what ever you want (just remember the name) and save it to the same directory that your MKTRILW.exe file is .  Now for the batch file.  I had already made a batch file with Maximus arcade for MKT, I'm sure there are some tutorials on here if you don't know how. 
(the "~" is the "Enter" key, and the "%~" is "alt+Enter" key)

I edited the batch file, you can open it up in notepad.exe, and changed it to this:

:: Mortal Kombat Trilogy
CD "\Games\PC.Arcade\Systems\PC Games\Game Installs\Mortal Kombat Trilogy\"

***Make sure you put the path to where your MKT executable is.***
the only thing I changed was where it says "fullscreen.vbs" , it used to say "MKTRILW.EXE" (without the quotes).  so basically the batch file just runs the vbscript file, which will execute the MKTRILW.exe file, then it will press "Enter" and then "Alt+Enter" for you.  Reading it now makes it sound a little complicated... so if you have any questions, just let me know, I'll be glad to help.

If everything worked out, you should be able to launch MKT from Maximus Arade with no problems.  be sure to set up your controls before hand.

Forgot to mention, I'm running windows 7. But I think vbscripts work for xp also.


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