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--- Quote from: Deefish on January 29, 2021, 11:19:19 pm ---I was curious what happened to the Electric Ice lighted joysticks? did they get discontinued? I have not been active on this board for a long time and can not find any reference to them (especially since I cant get search to work).

I still have my electric ice joysticks and love them.

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, they were very labor-intensive, and between the parts cost and the time they took to make, it was costing us every time one was ordered. We probably still have some parts for them, but they are unlikely to return unless we figure out a quicker way to make them.  Maybe a DIY kit would be doable, but it would still be a bit pricey based on just parts cost.

Randy,   My order is on it's way, thank you very much.   On your web page you mentioned you are swamped, and it might take quite a while.   I ordered on the 15th, and it shipped on the 23.  That is not bad!  Exactly one year earlier I ordered some parts from you, and it took 10 days, so I was thinking 2-3 weeks.  8 days is fine considering you are a one man operation and make a lot of the stuff yourself.  Not only that, it is A1 quality, and AMERICAN MADE!    Thank you again!!

Thanks for the kind words, and you are quite welcome.  But I do have some help from Lisa, so technically, it's still "one man"  :lol.  Couldn't do it without her!

Glad to hear that you like the parts!

Any updates on when the push pull spinner will be back in stock and up for sale again? Thanks!!!


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